Impact Dance Poster 2013



Type Tuesday Pop-up Card featured in Issue 12 of Uppercase

With an abiding love of paper, Uppercase profiles artists, businesses and processes that utilize the material in some way, shape or form. Self-professed as “a magazine for the creative and curious,” Uppercase boasts beautifully printed photographs, thoughtful articles and a host of art resources any artistic mind is sure appreciate.

The journal is available in North American Anthropologie stores and in their webshop!

Type Tuesday by Bryant Yee

“Bryant recently graduated from the University of Michigan with concentrations in graphic design and paper engineering. These passions have allowed him to explore and create innovative packaging designs. Today, like many other recent college graduates, Bryant spends the majority of his day seeking full-time employment with competitive compensation and benefits in a dynamic environment. Outside of chasing the dream, he creates pop-up cards fusing his affection for graphic design and curiosity in paper engineering. The Type Tuesday pop-up card is created from a single sheet of paper without the use of any glue, and solely utilizes strategically placed cuts and scores.”

Published in Boxed and Labelled 2

Recently, my senior thesis project was published in Gestalten’s latest edition of ‘Boxed and Labelled 2: New Approaches to Packaging Design.’ The  project featured  aims to bring awareness to socially responsible LED packaging. Current packaging does not maximize sustainable materials or construction, while also failing to clearly convey information. My packaging design uses only post-consumer recycled paper, promotes recycling old bulbs, and supplies the consumer with updated information through modern graphic design. If you want to learn more about my project, just visit my portfolio website. More information about the book can be found on Gestalten’s website or Amazon.

Bryant Yee Design: Movable Business Card

Recently, I decided that I need a new business card since the existing one is a bit outdated. Helvetica light and glossy finish weren’t doing it for me. I began by reanalyzing the contact information I wanted available and realized that the majority of the content is redundant. BryantYeeDesign appears in almost everything of mine and I felt it was silly to keep repeating it. (ie, BryantYeeDesign[at]gmail[dot]com, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) Below are some new concepts I’ve been working on, as well as, different paper stocks I ordered from Neenah Paper. Their Environment line is amazing and I had left over scraps from my senior thesis project.