Reubens Around the World: Landing Page

It seems there’s so much to do before this site is up and running. I don’t know whether I should work on everything at once or work on something in particular for a few days, then change. So far I’ve been dabbling with the former. I’ve just been jotting down ideas in my sketchbook to kick them from my head. I want this site to be super simple, compared to the other Reuben reviewing websites out there. Immediately upon landing on any of the other sites, you can tell they haven’t been updated since the 90’s and the design wasn’t their top priority. They lack a clear hierarchy, typography treatment, color, and grid layout. Below is a mockup of the home page so far. This is the first page visitors will see when they visit my website. The concept behind this page is to look like a traditional deli counter. Since Reubens are thought to have been invented around the 1920’s, I wanted to reflect that through some of the imagery, but at the same time, keep the feel of the website modern. I plan on drawing more objects to sit on top of the counter and possibly apply subtle textures. While working on this home page, I also thought about how the other pages would be laid out. Will this counter graphic appear on every page? I think that will be too much of a visual distraction. If the sub pages look drastically different than the home page, will that be too confusing to go back and forth?

Things that are in the works right now:

  • Site Directory (coming soon!)
  • Color Palette  almost finalized
  • Integrating a custom WordPress theme and CSS
  • Learning some PHP and MySQL (still way over my head, but that’s why I’m friends with Lynda)
  • Programs I’m working with include Photoshop, Illustrator, TextMate, Sequel Pro, and MAMP


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