Redesign: Mike Posner’s 31 Minutes to Takeoff Album Cover

This weekend, I was feeling kind of bored, so I decided to redesign Mike Posner’s upcoming album cover. My friends and I were really disappointed to see his new album cover lose the vector-graphic feeling. Instead, he had a simple photograph of himself sitting on a plane accompanied by some horrendous typography. I took the initiative of redrawing the image in Illustrator and using some more vibrant colors in the type, much like his previous album covers.

EDIT: After hearing the new album, I completely understand why the album cover was so bad. Evidently, there is a direct correlation between aesthetics of the album cover and quality of music. [two thumbs down]

Redesign: Mike Posner: 31 Minutes To Takeoff Album Art by Bryant Yee

 Album Covers by Cleveland Thrasher

Previous album covers by Cleveland Thrasher


One comment

  1. +1 for the quality of the original cover who’s not like the free albums that Mike Posner had released before 31 Minutes to Takeoff. And I don’t listen the whole album but Cooler Than Me and Please Don’t Go are good.

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