2010 Dance Marathon Map

Dance Marathon at the University of Michigan is one of the largest student-run non-profit organizations in Michigan. Conducting events throughout the year, the group strives to raise both funds and awareness for the children in need of pediatric rehabilitation. The creative and interactive therapies they provide through an allocation of funds to C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital in Ann Arbor, Michigan and Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, Michigan enrich the lives of hundreds of children. The culmination of the organization’s effort occurs annually in March, when nearly a thousand students stand on their feet for 30 hours to show their dedication to the cause.

As the event draws in thousands of students, university staff and residents of the local community creating high volumes of traffic, a map with driving instructions had been produced each year. However, as the marathon event occurs in a location not accessible by car, my goal was to create a map that functioned to both cars and pedestrians. To create this added functionality for those walking to the event, I spent time on site, carefully mapping different routes walkers could utilize. To further increase ease of use, I included major structures to help navigate the city and highlight major streets.


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