Route Brochures

2010, Graphic Representation of Complex Information

The objective of the assignment was to redesign the existing route maps and schedules for a local bus system. Currently, each route brochure features an individual schedule and map for both the inbound and outbound. This inability of the schedules and maps to function as one, leading to the unnecessary use of excess material, served as the most pressing issue. So there sprouted my first design problem; how could I condense the inbound and outbound schedules and maps into one set while maintaining the brochure’s intended functionality? First, I composed a spreadsheet where the inbound and outbound schedules lined up with each other. I then used numbers in the outbound schedule to indicate the major stops provided with each time and reversed them for the inbound schedule. Finally, I decided to address the bulkiness of the existing route brochure, devising a more natural folding order that reduced its folded-up size from 5.5” by 8.5” to 3” by 4” so that it could easily fit in the user’s pocket.






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